The Boyle & District Crime Watch Organization is a volunteer association, striving to prevent unlawful activities in our community and district.

Our association could not function effectively without the continuing volunteer support of our members. We educate our members in property identification, safety and reporting of criminal activities to aid in our path towards a crimeless community. Our members aid in reporting suspicious activity and criminal movement in the rural and urban areas. These activities are then reported to the R.C.M.P. and Natural Resources. Our members need only devote minimal personal time, as their duties are performed while carrying on everyday activities.

Crime in the Community and How it Affects You

Typical crimes committed include break and enters (B & E's) into residences, farm buildings, garages and machine shops; theft of property, valuables, merchandise and liquor; joy riding and dumping of stolen vehicles; vandalizing; illegal use of firearms and illegal hunting and fishing.

The costs of crime in our community does not solely focus on the loss of property, but on higher insurance premiums, replacement and/or repair of equipment, lost production time for farmers and ranchers and depletion of precious fish and wildlife resources and habitats.

To maintain a safe rural and urban community, membership in this organization is invaluable. If you are interested in becoming a Boyle & District Crime Watch Organization Member, please fill out our Membership Application or Business Membership Application and feel free to contact us with any questions.